MEAN is MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, & NodeJS.

MEAN Stack is a combination of all open source Javascript platforms where Mongo DB is a database system; Express is a back-end web framework; Angular.js is a front-end framework; and Node.js is a back-end runtime environment. MEAN is one of the most efficient, current, stable and lightening fast JavaScript solution to build scalable network applications.
MEAN Stack is a modern approach towards web development. MEAN Stack is widely used by developers to build hybrid and feature-rich web apps. The simpler, yet powerful framework of MEAN stack offers the time-tested mechanism for transformation of data and information. MEAN is makes it a model and classic option for creating real-time web apps. Also, it is used to create Single Page Applications and the web pages will not require being refreshed for each server request, as different traditional web apps need. This cost effective technology simplifies the application development process and enables the creation of the most awesome and interactive applications.


We are the early adopters of MEAN Stack development with a excel in building infinitely scalable and real-time applications. Since, MEAN is a combination of the most effective and the most dynamic JavaScript based technologies available on the web, it is playing a vast role in simplifying the application development process and thereby slashing down the cost of developing interactive, amazing and interesting applications. We have comprehensive experience in this technology which is built on the platform formed by the combination of Javascript platforms and provide extensive understanding on speed and intensive data exchange such as video and text chat engines, online games and collaboration tools.
We practice Agile Methodology and our knowledge and experience in MEAN Stack development go beyond the clean and error-free coding to include exceptional post-deployment maintenance and support. We harness the simplicity of MEAN Stack to build dynamic, secure applications for your business.
We’re helping a diverse range of businesses right from startups to large global enterprises unlock new opportunities and build MEAN Stack applications that are secure and high on performance.
We offer complete transparency of activities and deliverables, strong project management, and continuous communication with the Client.

Top MEAN Stack Development Company in Jaipur India

Our Expertise in MEAN Stack

Cloud based Applications

Configuring multiple application programs to share data in the cloud.

CMS Development

Develop high performance Content Mangement Systems.

API Development

Build agile APIs for our client’s web applications.

Custom App Development

Develop Rich Internet web Application via NodeJs.

eCommerce Application

Develop online storefronts that offer unmatched shopping experience to the users.

Mobile App development

Get powerful Nodejs mobile apps for reaching a mobile audience

Embrace Power of MEAN Stack

Build faster and scalable network applications for business to accelerate growth & performance . Step it up with StartBit.

- Open Source Framework
- Cloud Integration
- Better and Faster Performance
- Asynchronous I/O Concept for Web Servers
- Event driven programming
- Cross Platform Javascript Support
- Dynamic two way data binding
- High traffic, Scalable applications development
- Security Architecture

Why MEAN Stack?

Simple Database

MongoDB is a document database, unlike the SQL tables. It stores data in a document without following any constraints this leads to a speedy addition, deletion or editing of data. Also,it gives Mongo DB the capacity to handle large volumes of data with ease.

High Performance

As MEAN Stack is based on solely Javascript platform, this develops the application faster and also javascript can make multiple queries to the server at one time which results in the smooth running of the application

OS Compatibility

Applications developed on MEAN stack is works well on all operating system due to the proactive role of Node.js. The applications are compatible with MS Windows, MAC OS and Linux etc.

Work Process

Our Work Process provides services and solutions that aim to improve business operations continuously, encouraging adaptability and embracing innovations resulting in accelerated business process improvement.

Research & Planning

Understanding Client's Requirement & planning the solutions via Business Process Management and Case Management capabilities

Concept & Design

Design the Model Processes for Web Applications with BPMN-inspired tools and simutaneously applying Business Rules Concepts to it resulting in easy-to-understand user interfaces.

Developing & Testing

Building the applications with quality coding standards and making it more secure, scalable and testing the whole with automation testing tools.

Launching & Happy Clients

Our goal is to provide high-quality professional service to all of our clients with the best professional and online support sevices.Our Clients are the Award-Winning Experiences to us.

Why Us?

Efficient Developers

Our expert developers build highly efficient web solutions using a robust web development framework that meets all Client Business needs & also create efficient, robust web application.

Management & Communication

Whether it is long term collaboration or just a small project, our project management and communication standards remain the same. Any software project is handled smoothly, with full attention and custom approach to every customer.

Trusted Web Solution

Our pragmatic approach and proven methodology in developing customized web pages have offered trusted web solutions to many clients globally

100% Code Safe

We guarantee the 100% legal protection of our clients and for every project we sign a non-disclosure agreement before we start initial analysis. Rest assured that you will get a complete confidentiality and all the intellectual property rights.

Our Expert Support

At StartBit, we have a Support System methodology,from ideation to development to launching. Our Support System deliver the cutting-edge product your business deserves.

Full-service and in-house

We can run your project from the very beginning to the very end without involving any remote contractors. Product designers, QA specialists, developers, business analysts - the will all work side by side, ensuring smooth teamwork and quality output.

Tech lead support

A dedicated technical lead will make sure the project executing as per the phases. If needed, they will step into role of your virtual CTO and serve as the guardian of code quality.

Associated Team

We match people to project, not the other way around. Once we know your expectations, we will assemble a team with extensive experience in creating products similar to yours. You'll get to work with real experts with knowledge matching your needs.

Our Perspectives


As with our Gained Experience,We offer innovative & customer-centric best business solutions.
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In the Agile of Mobiles & handheld devices,we Deliver Awesome Apps Supporting all Platforms.
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All sorts of CMS Services that is customized to suit your business needs.
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With all latest Designing techniques,we are also Expert in Responsiveness & Animations.
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Globalization has made all online, All E-commerce Solutions with integrated Payment Gateways.
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Inbuilt & added SEO techniques to make Client's Buisness stand on top of the Web.
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